Insights Numtech, an innovative and committed company for 20 years, is now part of the Fortil group


Numtech has been committed to protecting ecosystems for over twenty years and operates worldwide.

Historically, these experts have conducted studies and provided air quality monitoring and forecasting systems to industrial companies and local authorities so that they can better visualize and manage their infrastructure according to their impact on people and the environment.

Today, through this merger with Fortil, Numtech hopes to further develop its expertise in environmental issues by giving itself the means to develop future products and services and thus become a key player in the preservation of our ecosystems.

Numtech has been involved in air quality monitoring for more than 20 years and is now deploying new, much more comprehensive offerings based on the notion of Environmental Footprint.

In addition to the initial audits required to estimate your footprint, and at a time when the environmental footprint of all organizations is going to go beyond the notion of a challenge and become a legal obligation, we feel it is essential to help our customers implement solutions to improve this impact in order to limit it.

Our service offering therefore focuses on working with your teams to improve your impact on the entire production cycle (process, logistics, etc.) and on all dimensions (water consumption, energy, GHGs, etc.) to improve your overall environmental footprint.

Numtech’s expertise

  • Air quality and odors
  • Regulatory and risk studies
  • Environmental footprint

More than ever, Numtech is positioning itself as a preferred partner for all challenges related to the Environmental Footprint.

This merger, which is natural given the specific characteristics of the two companies, comes at a time when the independence of companies working in the environmental field seems increasingly crucial. Fortil and Numtech have always placed the independence of their model and growth at the heart of their development.

We are convinced that this merger will enable us to respond even more effectively to our clients’ environmental issues.

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Pierre Béal

Numtech’ CEO & Founder

Fabrice Bruni

Associate Director


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