The key issues of your growth define our solutions matrix.

"Our expertises architecture designed to reflect your organisation"
Morgan Aubry, Director of Industrial Development and Health

Key issues

Shaping a methodology that aligns with your operational and strategic challenges.

The effectiveness of our expertise results from the structuring of our solutions around engineering, design and advice. The architecture of our business works as closely as possible to the key issues of your development.

Developing and driving innovation.

Powerful, passionate and committed to success, our engineers create sustainable value in offering a new driving force to your projects.

Powerful, innovative and streamlined engineering.

We offer a fully transparent organisation in order to more clearly demonstrate our collaboration. Our teams offer “end-to-end” support throughout the product cycle or service and work to lead your project towards success.

Delivery model

On Site Contracting.

We offer you our expertise by offering intellectual or material services, intervening in various stages of the project.

Technical Expertise Hub.

A multidisciplinary team of employees will be dedicated to your project, as part of clearly defined service levels and performance indicators.

Service hub.

If you have any specific recurring needs, we can industrialise these while offering full control of costs and scheduling.

Work Package.

Does your project require fully outsourced management from our engineering offices? Through EPC or EPCM contracts, the study and execution of the project is guaranteed by our teams via comprehensive engineering, purchasing and construction services.

Established since the group’s beginning, we meticulously, and with great determination, construct our vision for global performance.

Our cultural approach to performance is naturally translated in each of our actions, manifesting in the high standards required from engineers in our recruitment and realised in the success of our achievements in terms of creating value for our clients. Consequently, we dedicate a great deal of energy and resources to ensure that quality is a value shared by all.

Our processes are supported by a responsible management system, continually tested by rating organisations such as Ecovadis, who have awarded us Silver status (sustainability category). Ecovadis. résultant d’un statut Silver (catégorie Sustainability).

To consolidate our continuous-improvement approach, we invest in the standards ISO 9001, ISO 27001, MASE & CEFRI. They constitute a major lever for the development and well-being of teams, by offering methodological reference points that guarantee an approach that is both effective and sustainable.

Dedicated brand

Our experts exclusively dedicated to the health industry offer an adapted and specific approach for each of our clients. Our teams offer their know-how in engineering and consulting projects to the sectors of biotechnology; pharmaceuticals; cosmetics and fine chemicals; medical devices; research laboratories and hospitals.

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Our expertise in atmospheric dispersion, meteorology and air-quality modelling, together with our mathematical and physics tools, allows Numtech to offer a panel of studies adapted to different air-quality and health issues – real issues in our modern society.

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