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R&D, growth, regulatory compliance, and obsolescence of your facilities are all challenges that challenge you to make new investments.

We offer an innovative approach to engineering services through adapted delivery models.


Our solutions


We position ourselves as a major player in the technical solutions offered to industrialists. The research and development of innovative approaches adapted to your needs is a strategic axis of our development. In order to meet these needs, we pool the skills of our experts in process equipment, piping, instrumentation, mechanics, robotics, mechatronics, automation and industrial transfer.

In order to develop these solutions, our engineers are equipped with the latest tools for design calculations, process modeling, 2D and 3D computer aided design (CAD), isometrics, thermal balances & computational fluid dynamics.

FORTIL relies on this pole of competences to propose to its customers the support in the control of industrial risks such as environmental studies, ATEX classification studies, risk analyses etc…

Whatever your industrial sector and your problem, we are committed to developing a technical or organizational solution:

  • Pharmaceutical industry: formulation, primary and secondary packaging
  • Biotechnology: stainless steel and disposable processes (Single-Use)
  • Fine chemicals
  • Petrochemistry
  • Nuclear industry
  • Waste treatment
  • Specialized machines


Our engineers carry out all sizing operations for production, storage and utility distribution facilities. This solution includes the establishment of deliverables such as PFDs, UID/PIDs, pipe classes, calculation notes, etc.

We work on all fluids present in industries, health establishments and the tertiary sector.

Our skills and experience in the process industries allow us to handle a wide range of liquid and gaseous fluids. Our references in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries have enabled us to handle the production and distribution of clean utilities such as purified water (PW), water for injection (WFI), process compressed air, clean steam and special gases.

Electricity / Automation

FORTIL is able to assist you with a wide range of services in the field of electricity and automation applicable to all industries, tertiary and process.

General electricity

  • Delivery station
  • Transformation station
  • TGBT
  • Divisional panel
  • Power distribution
  • Fire detection
  • Access control / intrusion

Industrial electricity / automation

  • Gas detection
  • Equipment cabinet
  • Automation integration
  • Field bus
  • TBM / CTM supervision
  • Environmental monitoring

We create tailor-made solutions according to your constraints or your development perspectives. In particular, we are working on several tools that allow you to support the digital transition of your companies towards Industry 4.0 (RPA, MES, data collection and processing).


Our teams and our experts in air treatment accompany you on the challenges of climate engineering. Our solution intervenes in the dimensioning, the definition and the realisation of the installations of air treatment in the tertiary sector, the hospital, the laboratories and the regulated industry like health, chemistry, microelectronics and any other industry requiring an air treatment or a specific containment.

Our expertise in the field of regulated environments will bring a new dimension to your complex issues:

  • Radio and nuclear stress
  • Biological containment (level 1 to 4)
  • Dust class (ISO 8 to 4)
  • GMP classes (D to A)
  • Warm climate chambers
  • Positive and negative cold rooms

In general, FORTIL is able to respond to all your temperature, hygrometry, pressure and contamination control problems throughout the life cycle of your project: technical audit of the installation, feasibility study, detailed study, execution study, specific dimensioning, numerical flow modelling and training.

Project management

Project management is essential to the success of your investments, in terms of cost control, deadlines, quality and safety. Our experts set up relevant indicators according to the phases of your project: design studies, bid management, or construction management.

Our project management is put in place as soon as we respond to a call for tenders via our costing tool. This method will allow you to capitalise by following the studies and the realisation of all the deliverables. We guarantee both a microscopic approach for the discipline engineers and macroscopic tools for general reporting (COPIL CODIR).

The preparation of works or service contracts will ensure that your objectives are met by limiting exposure to claims or extra work.

During the course of the project, the methodology implemented by our teams will allow you to monitor the project in real time via dashboards.


Review of performance KPIs SLAs and quality of scalability

Load plan

Continuous improvement

ACT and TARGET / COPIL / Monthly

Monitoring of the roadmap and the status of the partnership, financial monitoring



In new construction or rehabilitation, our teams ensure the design and monitoring of your tertiary and industrial infrastructure projects. Our design offices multiply their skills

FORTIL gathers within its design offices all the competences for All Building Trades and Professions lots:

  • Roads and other networks
  • Civil Engineering
  • Structural work
  • Secondary works
  • Concrete and metal structure
  • General Installation
  • Geotechnology

In order to meet the requirements of the building codes of each country, we ensure the documentary monitoring of all the standards and UTD related to these solutions. The structural calculations of our concrete and steel structures are carried out by our engineers in accordance with the Eurocodes.

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