Committed Stakeholders

Being an engineer means precisely understanding your environment by integrating innovative approaches. Being a Fortil engineer also means creating, suggesting, making mistakes and starting again.

Starting again faster, stronger and better.

The Fortil model was designed   by entrepreneurial engineers.

These same engineers allow the group to develop and achieve levels of excellence today.

Our vision of engineering is articulated around  
the spirit of initiative, the creation of value  
and taking ownership of complex projects.

In our recruitments, we value expertise in particular, with very high standards for our candidates’ values.
Diversity is a force: we have built our company with men and women coming from a range of different backgrounds.

In this diversity, our values act as an anchor that brings trust and benevolence to our relationships and ensures extraordinary collective performance.


Growth of overall workforce to




Recruitment of



Despite being in a full growth, the high standards demanded in our recruitments have not changed, ensuring that we can continue developing our level of technical performance

Our unique history blends technical development, entrepreneurial development and personal development.

You will benefit from an enhancement programme
that matches your commitments.

For 10 years, our model has been based on continually evolving conditions of sharing. We work to offer attractive, fair and transparent wage systems. We guide our engineers towards shareholding along a path defined by levels of commitment and the creation of added value for the group. Our goal is to increase the share of employee members to 30% to create a system of shared governance.

We are demanding, we strive for excellence and we recruit employees who share this conscientiousness.

Our ecosystem is designed to promote success.
By joining Fortil, you’ll very quickly feel a sense of professional security.

Your professional evolution is guided by our internal training centre and our career programmes. The personal challenges faced by our employees are at the heart of our wage model, allowing us to adapt the value of monetary bonuses and to benefit, as appropriate, from a “bonus effect” (charitable donations, time availability, real estate, coaching, etc.)

Our sociogram modelling friendly competition and sharing of responsibilities

By joining us, you’ll be part of an ambitious community in which we strive for self-improvement and in which we can push you professionally, financially and as a person.

Our sociogram is intended to be an open system of shared responsibility leading to success through friendly competition.

We believe in a circular organisation where the core value is our engineers and satisfaction is at the heart of it.


Strategic Management

Piloting large-scale strategic sites, guaranteeing profitable and independent growth


Business Management

Creating a successful and innovative entrepreneurial environment


Management Companies

Creating a framework of security, optimisation and support for a high-value system


Information Systems

Creating a flow of information that is fluid, secure and intelligent, ensuring successful collaboration on work

We have opted for a simple tree structure in our roles, aimed at development and performance. Our interpersonal pact, friendly competition between roles and the sharing of responsibilities are naturally opposed to bureaucracy and the stagnation of flows.