Our Model

Committed to 
sustainable performance

Our teams are committed to optimised sustainable performance via an ambitious and transparent model.

They are all dedicated to the group’s growth and the success of our achievements.

Although we currently find ourselves in a significant phase of expansion, the high standards of our projects and recruitments remain as demanding as ever. Quality will always take precedence over quantity, as we prefer excellence to ease.

A vision guiding a clear goal

We hope to become the largest independent engineering group in Europe, working to serve future generations.

To do so, our operational model is based on four fundamental aspects:


Profitable performance

From the outset, our growth has been based on equity without the need for loans or third-party investment.

To maintain this independence in our period of strong growth, the commitment of our employees is essential to maintain a level of excellence in our services and consequently a good value of our work.


Expert engineers

The added value of our services is defined by the expertise of our engineers.

We are demanding, we aim for excellence, and we hire employees who share this conscientiousness.


Efficient organisation

We have opted for a simple tree structure in our roles, aimed at development and performance.

Our interpersonal pact, friendly competition between roles and the sharing of responsibilities are naturally opposed to bureaucracy and the stagnation of flows.


Social responsibility

The challenges faced by our employees are at the heart of our model, in which the inclusion, development and emancipation of each individual acts as its cement.

Our mission strives to secure the sustainability and positive evolution of their ecosystem through our HR and CSR policies.









Hard working

Working with Fortil means working with an ambitious community in which we strive for self-improvement.

We are driven by excellence and accuracy, challenges and movement, friendly competition and success. To achieve this, we work hard and conscientiously.
Each employee is responsible for achieving their goals and thereby contributing to the group’s growth.
We are agents in the success of our projects, both internally and externally, working together in a climate of trust, independence and transparency.
This extraordinary drive to work has made 2021 the best year on record for Fortil, just one year after the global pandemic.


Each of our employees is committed to making the group the biggest independent engineering actor in Europe, working to serve future generations.


This is the strength of our community of engineers and employees – every day, we strive to ensure the success of our four identified pillars: profitable performance, expert engineers, efficient organisation and social responsibility. We are characterised by this extraordinary will to achieve.


Yes, our model is based on high-level performance. No, it doesn’t end there. What makes us different is our desire to build a system in which growth is both sustainable and long-lasting.

We hope to contribute to the development of a more responsible, communal and inclusive world for our employees and clients. For a company to enjoy sustainable prosperity, it must strive to ensure greater sharing of results and equality of opportunities.
Fortil is fully committed to these goals. Our aim is to positively impact Fortil’s internal and external ecosystems via an ethical and transparent organisation, increasing the proportion of shareholding employees to 30%, offering an endowment fund geared towards equal opportunities and securing our employees’ personal interests.

Strategic board

Our vision requires streamlined, efficient and ambitious steering.

In creating an open model, members of this strategic board work on major projects to drive the group towards its goals.

Olivier-Remini president fondateur et CEO Fortil Group

Olivier Remini

Founding president & CEO

Fatima-Alioua Director of Human Resources Fortil Group

Fatima Alioua

Director of Human Resources

Eric-Espagno Operations Department France & International Fortil Group

Eric Espagno

Operations Department France & International

Jean-Audibert Operations Department France Fortil Group

Jean Audibert

Operations Department France

Sandrine-Mattio Financial and Business-Performance Manager Fortil Group

Sandrine Mattio

Financial and Business-Performance Manager

Tangui-Goasdoue Operations Department France Fortil

Tangui Goasdoue

Operations Department France

Sewssen-Rebaia Head of Recruitment and Social Issues Fortil

Sewssen Rebaia

Head of Recruitment and Social Issues

Morgan-Aubry Director of Industrial Development and Health Fortil

Morgan Aubry

Director of Industrial Development and Health

Fabienne-Marchadier Head of Digital Development and Information Systems Fortil

Fabienne Marchadier

Head of Digital Development and Information Systems

Ludovic-Bion Head of Strategic Operations Fortil

Ludovic Bion

Head of Strategic Operations

Sandra-Brun Head of Management and Leadership Fortil

Sandra Brun

Head of Management and Leadership