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Digital transformation is revolutionising all organisations, whether in terms of business models, professions, corporate culture or work organisation. It affects all business functions, not just the IT functions of a company.

As a real lever of development and competitiveness for companies, we guide you in this digital shift by guaranteeing a successful digital transformation through our different areas of expertise.

Our solutions

Software Development

IT development is a key element in the growth of any organisation. Whatever your business, it is now essential to be equipped with a modern and relevant IT development system to maximise your performance.

IT developers have developed dedicated software and web applications to facilitate business management by meeting all programming needs and demands, regardless of the department: finance, logistics, human resources or litigation. With web development, you can manage your processes efficiently.

Embedded / IoT

Embedded systems & IoT are ambitious and complex subjects. This is why the creation of new connected objects or sophisticated embedded systems requires the intervention of numerous forms of expertise such as hardware design, communication protocols, knowledge of real-time systems, and development on microcontrollers and in embedded OS. The complementarity of our solution allows us to assist you in the design and development of your highly constrained systems.

An embedded system is a combination of computer hardware, software and additional mechanical or electronic parts designed to perform a specific function. This system may be fixed capacity or programmable, designed for one or more specific functions within a larger system. This discipline can be applied to many industries and products such as industrial machinery, agricultural and processing equipment, cars, medical equipment, cameras, household appliances, vending machines, and mobile devices. 

Devops / Integration

Like Agile methods, DevOps also relies on organisations and methods that enable developers (Dev) to work better with production (Ops). This approach is based, in addition, on a whole range of tools that make it possible to industrialise and automate production launches, as well as the provision and administration of the infrastructures that support the applications. Therefore, the objectives of DevOps are to reduce the time between building or modifying a product and putting it into production by multiplying the number of start-ups to satisfy the business departments.

In order to facilitate the deployment and industrialisation of the solutions developed, our teams help you to implement the DevOps culture within the software development department.

Infrastructure / Infogerance

Managed services are becoming increasingly popular as information systems become more complex. It consists of the partial or total outsourcing of maintenance, monitoring, troubleshooting and optimisation of IT systems with the aim of controlling the security of the information collected and used.

In the context of IS outsourcing, hosting your infrastructure in the cloud is beneficial in many ways and can greatly facilitate interventions and maintenance operations.

Indeed, all actions relating to infrastructure monitoring, software updates, repair and optimisation of systems and networks can be carried out entirely remotely and the cloud allows for much faster adaptation.

However, a migration of infrastructure to the Cloud can be very complex, due to the complexity of the number of services and technologies offered by some Cloud Providers, which can very quickly increase the cost.

Our teams help you determine the right service level (IAAS, SAAS, PAAS) for your infrastructure migration.

Data & Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the set of methods implemented to simulate and reproduce human intelligence and expertise. The objective of our specialised design office is to help you apply this solution to your core business. From Business Intelligence to the deployment of specific Machine Learning and Deep Learning solutions, we cover the entire data processing chain in order to extract relevant Uses Cases and to propose the most suitable tools and methods for their resolution.

In the age of Big Data, the scope of AI is limitless. From image analysis to textual information extraction, from sensor data analysis to time series prediction, Artificial Intelligence is a tool that allows us to support your business experts by learning from their experiences.


The digitalised company puts digital at the heart of its global strategy. To increase the quality and traceability of data, an improvement or even a change in your tools is essential.

As an integrator of an RPA (Robotics Process Automation) solution, we support you in optimising your processes with the aim of focusing your staff on high value-added work.

More globally, we are able to deploy and integrate new ERP/CRM, and create and develop mobile applications for a better customer/user experience of your internal or external activities. These changes will be the result of a digital maturity diagnosis, to enable the definition and prioritisation of actions over time; the guarantee of a successful digital transformation.

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