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Maintain and ensure quality and HSES in your industries

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QHSES means compliance and sustainability for industrial sites.

Our solutions offer you comprehensive support to bring your processes in line with legal or normative requirements while combining safety and high quality.

As specialists in industry standards, we guide you towards efficient and sustainable processes. By focusing on the future-oriented development of your QHSES system, your efforts are concentrated on your core business and your competitiveness is permanently stabilised.

Our solutions

Qualification, Tests & Validation

The success of your projects requires a testing stage. Industrial tools must be increasingly efficient and manufacturing processes completely mastered in order to maintain and develop your competitiveness. At the end of the development phases, the testing phases make it possible to guarantee these objectives.

We support our clients in the qualification of equipment, infrastructure and utilities as well as in the validation of processes, cleaning, transport and computerised systems.

Operational, Product & Supplier Quality

Operational and supplier quality issues are at the heart of your processes. In the service of production, they guarantee its continuity and improvement.

Our teams deploy their skills to handle anomalies via CAPA processes and ensure the analysis, impact and control of modifications or change control.

We deploy efficient quality tools that are adapted to your activities and objectives. Our teams cover the product life cycle from approvals and supplier complaints to the industrialisation and manufacturing phases.

Quality Systems & Regulatory

The quality management system is a key factor in the success of your growth.

This process will enable you to change your structure to a more effective organisation in which employees participate in achieving development goals.

This quality approach is also essential in order to provide a service that meets customer expectations and to achieve a high level of satisfaction.

We support your Quality Management System (QMS) implementation issues and our experts optimise these strategies through audits leading to action plans. From registration to marketing by meeting the requirements of the associated standards, we guide you through the life cycle management of your products with a particular focus on regulatory aspects.

Audit, Certification & Formation

In order to anticipate and involve your teams in the challenges of tomorrow and in the analysis of the areas of improvement to be put in place, our engineers train your employees through our MySkills accredited organisation.

In parallel with the training, we carry out technical and regulatory audits to identify gaps in your processes and installations and therefore prepare you for the various inspections carried out by the notified bodies, thanks to our experience in the field and our success in obtaining various certifications.


HSES issues are key to our business. They require a strong commitment and a determined vision.

Our teams impose high standards on themselves on a daily basis in order to assist you in obtaining certifications, notably MASE. We work on various subjects to control the HSES aspects of your industries: design and deployment of your HSES policy, risk management, site/project safety, risk analysis methodology.


Cybersecurity issues are now part of everyday business life with the digitalisation of processes and the explosion of data and the cloud. Requiring special attention, the development of a structured resilience policy is now essential and will form part of your organisation’s overall strategy.

In order to adapt security systems to new threats, we assist our clients in defining their governance policy and in achieving compliance with certification. To go further, we monitor, detect and qualify security events by setting up an SOC.

We work with your IT department to address threats and ensure the sustainability of facilities and tools: operational security, infrastructure security, risk governance and compliance.

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