Insights What it means to be a Fortil associate?


I – Capital

Accessing to the capital of an independent Group, solidly profitable for 15 years, with no debt and no outside financial investors. Unique in Europe of its size: 2,000 employees. Today, 250 associates hold 100% of the capital.

Since 2009, the €40,000 of share capital invested by this collective has generated an international Group with a €115M turnover in 2022, and a projected forecasting of €150M in 2023 (valuation standards for Groups are 1.5 to 3 times turnover). We are planning a level of activity of €200M in 2024, and aim to reach €400M in 2027 with at least 1,000 new associates. So then, for current and future partners, Fortil is unrivalled on the market when it comes to value sharing*.

Fortil’s tangible and intangible assets are the reason for being of this technology Group, which has places sharing and redistribution at the heart of its values.

*For most of the companies offering partnership, the investment is made at a company valuation indexed to the latest transactions such as LBO, which have been particularly high over the last few years. At Fortil, on the contrary, the aim is to limit the financial contribution and maximize the entrepreneurial commitment. In fact, for the first three years, the partnership is made with a newly created company. This entity is based on a business model that has been tried and tested on more than 50 subsidiaries, or similar companies, over the past 15 years, and whose added value depends on the commitment and entrepreneurial success of the partners and their employees.

II – Cash Flows

Each associate can take advantage of an annual cash flow in order to sell shares he or she owned in the Group. We work together so that any investment in Fortil can be better valued over 10 years than any investment in similar companies. We advocate collective actions for greater social coherence, fairness and responsibility among our customers.

III – Requirements

Becoming a Fortil associate engineer means being a team that represents the company’s diversity within the capital. The criteria are many and varied, and the prisms numerous, so that anyone who shares the Group’s vision and values can become an associate. Some associates, for example, support the company’s CSR strategy in a responsible and rewarding way. As a result, fairness and consistency are essential to the development of governance and sharing of wealth.

With an increasing number of associates joining every year from our branches, Fortil confirms its intention to systematically integrate technical, scientific and managerial teams who are committed to serving the world of today and future generations.


Railway signalling, development of our structured engineering offer


Julia Moynier


Fortil acquires the CNIM group's Information Systems Department

Fortil is developing an increasingly specific digital offer to meet the growing needs of its customers. The proven mastery of complex systems management, coupled with the long international experience of this department of the CNIM group, fits perfectly with our development strategy in France and in Europe where our customers operate.


Julia Moynier