Our teams and our experts in air treatment accompany you on the challenges of climate engineering. Our solution intervenes in the dimensioning, the definition and the realisation of the installations of air treatment in the tertiary sector, the hospital, the laboratories and the regulated industry like health, chemistry, microelectronics and any other industry requiring an air treatment or a specific containment.

Our expertise in the field of regulated environments will bring a new dimension to your complex issues:

  • Radio and nuclear stress
  • Biological containment (level 1 to 4)
  • Dust class (ISO 8 to 4)
  • GMP classes (D to A)
  • Warm climate chambers
  • Positive and negative cold rooms

In general, FORTIL is able to respond to all your temperature, hygrometry, pressure and contamination control problems throughout the life cycle of your project: technical audit of the installation, feasibility study, detailed study, execution study, specific dimensioning, numerical flow modelling and training.

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